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Love Letters - Tell Someone How Much You Love and Care



Love letters mean a lot in not just long distance relationships, but also in routine and normal relationships too. It is a sure shot way to ensure that your love is conveyed . There are times in our daily mundane life that we cannot often express what we desire to. Writing short notes to remind something to your partner strengthens the bond that you two share.


Expression is the Key


Love needs to be expressed in order to bloom and how you do it is your personal choice. It may be verbal, via mails, hand written or using an electronic medium, singing, painting the beloved’s picture, cooking their favorite dish, or simply holding hands. However, the bottom line is that you wish the relationship to remain strong and sturdy. You never know how and when your little expressions of love would become the elixir that keeps your relationship alive during rough times.


Care and Security


Tap basic human emotions and try to touch the basic human instinct, i.e. the feeling and the need for security, and the need to be loved and cared for. The most important aspect in a relationship is care, closely followed by security. Once the partner feels cared for, he or she automatically feels secure because of you.


Way of Addressing


The language of the love letters should be such that it is esoteric to you and your partner. Avoid using generic words or ways of addressing. Address personally instead of the regular ‘sweetheart,’ ‘honey,’ or the typical traditional ‘my knight,’ etc. if you use these expressions too often. Use something which is unique and is able to stir some emotions inside. Using the name of your lover where you want to make an important point or just convey affection can be an intimate way to touch his or her soul.


Love Thy Words


The words you write in a love letter should be chosen carefully and lovingly as it is a sensitive matter for both of you. Avoid vituperation and sarcastic jokes. Talk of past if you can, mention your future together, remember and remind him or her about your dreams if you wish and back your partner saying that you will always stay together.


Special Memories


Write about some special memories that touched your heart at some point of time. Tell your partner how much special his or her actions meant to you. How some words spoken by him or her gave you strength and confidence in yourself. Memories are cherished when shared and it is necessary to express this to your partner.


Take the responsibility of expressing emotions, care, and respect when writing the love letter and that too without any expectations. Then you will see how easy it becomes to write a special love letter. Along with the content of the letter, it is equally important to use the right kind of stationery. Use a pen that writes well without messing the paper. The notepad need not necessarily be of a romantic silhouetted letter pad. You can even use aromatic paper or use a perfume that would remind your partner of you mnemonically, which is a strong way of infusing his or her senses with love and make your presence felt. Thus, do your bit in making it really meaningful and genuinely heartfelt.

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